Truly Bedrock S2 Ep48! SEASON FINALE! World Download! Bedrock Edition Survival Let's Play!

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Welcome to THE FINALE of Truly Bedrock Season 2! We start our journey investigating a strange massive portal at gruvas base that has appeared out of the nether beacon corruption! Things take a giant turn for the worse, and I'll let you find out what happens next ???? Thank you SO MUCH for your support on TBs2! It truly means the world to me, and I'm very much looking forward to a jam packed season 3! ???? This is shameless, but story related videos always do terrible, so please share around the video, and watch till the end! You don't want to miss it anyway! ????

All the good stuff starts at 7: 17! Skip to that if you are not interested in the world info or tour:)

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This is also where you can find the world download!

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Get my face on the sun! :D

0:00 Intro, skip me! World info etc
3:56 RTX world tour and stats!
7:17 IT BEGINS!!!

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Music by Argofox: ​

Pigstep orchestral by: Orchestration

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