If GTA 6 ever came out, this is how it would be...

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GTA 6 is looking kinda nice, Never thought I'd Grand Theft Auto 6 would look this good lol

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So I had the honor of going on 4Nem City aka Chief Keef's GTA 5 RP Server. The Graphics, The Custom Mods, Custom Dances, Custom City, Custom Building's, Custom Cars, Custom Pain Jobs, Custom EVERYTHING. Bro Like legit this does not even feel like GTA Five. It feel's like i got GTA 6 Gameplay in or i went through a GTA 6 Trailer. Speaking of GTA Six RockStar Game's hasn't even said anything about it bro. We been the same GTA V with the PS3, PS4, AND NOW PS5. LIKE BRUH WHAT?!?! Where is GTA 6? I need to see something like a sneakpeak, news trailer, something man. Its taking way to long.

I did see some guy do like a GTA 6 PlayStation 5 Graphics video on what it would like and tbh it aint feel like that. I honestly think i got the closest thing to GTA 6, Chief Keef's server has litterly everything from fishing, sports, custom dealerships. It's amazing bro. and yes this was on FiveM.
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