How to download Facebook Video without app

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Downloading Facebook videos on phone is easy task and is required to save Facebook videos on phone and share it on WhatsApp/instagram or other social media platforms directly. So How can you download Facebook videos on phone without any application. The answer to the question is simple and explained in easy steps so that you can download fb videos in gallery.

How to download Facebook videos:
Some steps you need to follow to download Facebook videos on phone. These steps are crucial to get the desired video downloaded on phone itself from Facebook. And this trick works without any additional application.

Steps to save Facebook videos in gallery:
Step 1: Go to Facebook video which you want to download in your phone.
Step 2: Go to three dots and copy the link of the video
Step 3: go to browser - any from phone and paste the link
Step 4: change the url to basic from
Step 5: Click the fb video to download it on phone

So I hope you were able to download the Facebook video on phone easily via following above steps. let me know the comments/feedback in comment section below specially if you faced any issue in downloading the video on phone.
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