GTA 5 the MOVIE Coming Before GTA 6?! & Watchdogs Making Fun of GTA & Rockstar Games

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Could GTA 5 the MOVIE happen before GTA 6?


GTA 5 Movie:
Ned Luke responds to GTA 5 Movie:

In recent weeks there have been apparent rumors of GTA 5 THE MOVIE and the fact that a GTA 5 movie could happen before GTA fans see the release of GTA 6. I personally don't see a GTA 5 movie happening. Maybe, just MAYBE a GTA 5 oriented Netflix Original Series but other than that, I just feel like a GTA movie would be a mess and obviously wouldn't have the same feel as the games. I mean we already saw what happened with the Max Payne movie. Rockstar Games have created a select handful of movies over the years but nothing has really taken off. In other news however, Watchdogs: Legion has poked fun at GTA with a GTA Online themed outfit. This isn't the first time Watch Dogs has taken shots at GTA, however it seems to all be in good fun.

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